Pioneering the First 100% Botswana-Owned Hospital Group to Enter the SADC Market: BDC Funds P150 million Towards Development of Sidilega Private Hospital

Botswana Development Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of the Sidilega Private Hospital development. In 2018, BDC commissioned a BWP150 million investment into Sidilega Private Hospital for the construction, purchasing of state-of-the-art equipment and establishment of the facility. Sidilega shareholders have collectively invested BWP80 million into the project. In the presence of key stakeholders and the wider community at the hospital site in Peolwane on 17th October 2019, a ceremony to launch the building was officiated by the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Honourable Ms. Bogolo Joy Kenewendo.

The private hospital is a 110-bed facility developed to be a leading international-standard healthcare provider of a variety of specialist procedures. Sidilega is the first 100% Botswana-owned medical care facility, led primarily by renowned practicing medical professionals with a wealth of experience in the Botswana health sector.  At full capacity, the hospital will provide primary, secondary and tertiary health services. Other services and facilities will include ambulatory care, diagnostics, and therapeutics care services with a strong focus on preventative care. All key operational staff have been recruited and trained and the hospital is billed to officially open for patient care in November 2019.

“This hospital establishment has enhanced the entire Botswana economic standing for the better, even just from its completion. Through the partnership between the Botswana Government via our Investment Arm, BDC, and Sidilega, we are celebrating the creation of 200 jobs during construction and 460 jobs at full operation of the facility.  We are also therefore celebrating the creation of skills development opportunities that are relevant to the needs of local demand and relevant to regional and international markets and therefore enhancing the country’s standing,” said the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Honourable Ms. Bogolo Joy Kenewendo.  

The facility provides a number of key facilities and firsts to the Botswana healthcare sector including the following:
•    The 1st 100% Botswana-owned and 1st 100% Botswana-based health group to enter the SADC market
•    Live-streaming technology accessible in all surgery wards, with additional mobile application functionality, for critical procedures to receive additional support instantaneously 24/7
•    A Radiography Unit with Africa’s first Hybrid Centre to be equipped with a Fluoroscopy Unit. Centre further supported by state-of-the-art digital medical imagery technology (used for the diagnosis process) including MRI and CT Scan technology

•    First hospital in Botswana to provide aqua-birth facilities for maternity patients

At full capacity the Hospital will considerably impact on the reduction of Government and private-patient spend outside Botswana. Currently the Botswana Government spends approximately P300 million annually on referrals to providers in South Africa. Taking into consideration self-sponsored patients in the private health sector, Botswana’s collective expenditure on specialist healthcare in other jurisdictions has resulted in a significant amount of expenditure commissioned externally from the Botswana economy.

"As Botswana’s Investment Partner, we exist to invest in large-scale ventures that shift the socio-economic landscape and the vision behind Sidilega perfectly aligns with our new strategic direction for the years ahead.  We are in the business of driving long-term value for our Shareholder whilst creating wealth for future generations by deeply integrating Botswana into the global economy through commercially viable investments and partnerships such as with the Sidilega Group,” said BDC Acting Managing Director, Mr. Moatlhodi Lekaukau.

“Our strategic focus as Sidilega is centred on providing a different and thus transformational experience for both our patients and our professionals serving on our team. We exist to provide comprehensive, efficient, high     quality and cost effective specialist health care services in a safe and patient-centred environment. Additionally our vision is to develop a robust generation of specialist Botswana professionals who set the standard in global healthcare,” said Chief Executive Officer of Sidilega Private Hospital, Dr. Suresh Menon.