Manufacturing / Industry

With its mandate to develop the commercial and industrial sector in the country, the Corporation has a pivotal role to play in the diversification of the economy. The focus on development projects has a spill on effect on the rest of the economy, as it inspires confidence in investors.

Due to the fact that competition for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the region remains high, the Corporation embraces the challenge to attract quality investors to the country, and as a result, has had to come up with creative ways of growing its portfolio by retaining its existing clients, and attracting new ones. Enterprising opportunities have been identified in several manufacturing sectors.

As the country continues to be challenged to produce goods from its raw materials that are currently being exported, the initiative will stimulate industry, and create employment, pushing the Corporation further in realising its vision of being an innovative and sustainable development finance institution.








High level opportunities for investment have been identified in the following areas:

  • Downstream manufacturing using locally available raw materials and by-products e.g. cattle hide from the beef industry

  • Food can manufacturing

  • Tableware and sanitary ware manufacturing

  • Components assembly for various items, such as telephones, personal computers, etc.

  • Packaging/Bulk Breaking of perishable items, most of which are currently imported from neighbouring countries.

  • Manufacturing e.g. pharmaceuticals, jewelry, leather goods, etc.