The BDC Brand


BDC has been around for 50 years. Our Corporate Brand values; enterprising, collaboration and integrity are a benchmark to measure the behaviour and performance of Botswana Development Corporation and its employees. They are a code by which employees pride themselves and are known for.

Our logo is the visual representation of who we are and what we do: a graphic representation of BDC and the important role we play as a development finance institution. The BDC brand logo represents four “pillars“ of Botswana Development Corporation  and a “round table“.

The “pillars“ element represent the Corporation’s continued support to local and foreign investors through providing financial support to commercially viable projects, for the benefit of Botswana’s economic development . The pillars identify and reinforce Botswana Development Corporation as a commercial and industrial development agency that occupies a central and responsible position in Botswana. The “roundtable” depicts a discussion type atmosphere where viable partnerships are forged, cementing lasting relationships meant to improve the quality of life, and strengthen the Corporation’s brand values and promise.

The Brand Promise is by extension the mandate of a brand. The BDC Brand promise is therefore; “To promote and facilitate economic development for Botswana” through:

Providing financial assistance to investors with commercially viable projects that:

o    Pioneer new industries
o    Unlock value in existing industries
o    Stimulate private sector growth and linkages
o    Drive diversification and exports
o    Create significant employment
o    Generate wealth from outside the country

The Botswana Development Corporation Brand Differentiator, “Your Investment Partner” puts emphasis on the mutual cooperation and responsibility of both the Corporation and its stakeholders towards a sphere of common interest. It depicts Botswana Development Corporation as the leader in equity investments and as an agency that is worthy of its stakeholders’ trust to improve their quality of life.