BDC is commited to growing the agricultural sector in Botswana.

The importance of this sector cannot be overemphasized, with the need for the country to produce its own food being recognised as one of the best ways to reduce reliance on imports.

The inherent risks and the slow rate of returns in the agricultural sector compel BDC, with its strong emphasis on development projects, to take a leading role in agricultural projects.

The corporation also provides monitoring and oversight services to its companies engaged in a wide range of agricultural activities.

In recognising the risks of investing in the agricultural sector, especially in a drought prone country such as Botswana, BDC assists in evaluating feasibility studies through the provision of agricultural technical information and experiences, with regards to irrigation farming in Botswana.

The full range of products offered by BDC, including long term loans and equity are available to investors looking to invest in agricultural projects. There are business opportunities available in the following areas:

  • Dairy Farming

  • Poultry (Hatchery, etc)

  • Irrigation

  • Crop Production

  • Stockfeed Production

  • Livestock Production & Feedlotting